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  • Patients can access multiple accounts—patient, spouse, children, aging parents—all from one, convenient location.
  • Patients can manage their medicine cabinet—organize their prescriptions with customized names, photos of the med, and alerts that remind them when to take each medication.
  • Patients can control their busy schedule—organize appointments and receive appointment reminders.
  • Patients can communicate securely with their doctors.
  • Patients can obtain their lab results and have access to their Personal Health Record.

Click here to download the HEALOW application.

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Patient Portal

Have you tried our eClinicalWeb Patient Portal? Providing secure and easy access to your medical information, the Patient Portal can be used to pre-register before your first appointment, enter health history, set new appointments and check current ones, request prescription refills, and much more. Call our front office at 706-548-0058 for a login. Please use the Patient Portal for non-emergency appointments only.

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Join the Network (JTN) to get direct access for Peer-to-Peer communication and more! It’s a network for everyone. As an eClinicalWorks user, access to the Network is built directly into our EMR. Logging into eClinicalWorks automatically connects you to the Network – providing integrated and easy-to-use functionality for communication, enhanced workflow, and secure sharing of information. Tens of thousands of healthcare providers have already joined the network and have become more efficient − get started today!

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The Network provides you with:

  • An open network to easily connect and collaborate with other providers
  • Efficiencies and ease of use built into your EMR
  • Features to help you meet meaningful use and more
  • Join the Network to become Meaningful Use Stage 2 Compliant!

Join the Network to become Meaningful Use Stage 2 Compliant

Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires practices to become more familiar with interoperability standards for secure sharing of patient information. Proper transitions of care – referrals, summary of care records, etc. – are at the forefront of this latest initiative. eClinicalWorks provides you with the tools needed to successfully comply, making key clinical data available to share in a secure, trusted environment.

JTN provides users with key features for adhering to Stage 2 requirements:

  1. Simply log on to www.jointhenetwork.com and Request an Account.
  2. To establish your new account, you’ll need some basic information: your name, address, e-mail address, specialty, telephone number, NPI number, medical school name, and year of graduation.
  3. That’s it! There are no complicated forms to fill out and no one will contact you to collect more information.

To learn more, please visit our full website.

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